Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our Simple, Less is More Christmas Decor, 2013

I think I put up fewer Christmas decorations every year. Since Elsie is still keeping me very busy with her needs, our Christmas decorations are super simple this year, and mostly things we already had. Going with a "less is more" mentality has really helped me zero in on what I truly love. There may be fewer Christmas decorations sitting out this year, but I find myself liking my house better, and not dreading putting everything away! I'm also realizing that since our house is small (just over 1000 sq. ft.) and has an open floor plan, it really does not take much to make it feel decorated. So, with all that said, let's get on to the fun part, the pictures!

Our Christmas tree sits in the corner of the living room and is decorated with white bulbs (one thing I actually purchased this year), some homemade ornaments from years past, as well as a few favorite store-bought ornaments. For a garland, I cut up strips of burlap. When Christmas is over, I roll up the burlap into little bundles for next year. I think this is our third year with the burlap garland. The more tattered it gets, the more I love it! Instead of a tree skirt, I have a wooden crate we found on the side of the road a few years ago. Fitting the tree into our living room required a bit of furniture rearranging, so for now, the loveseat is in front of the french doors.

The red afghan and pillows are always in our living room, but next to the tree, they look so Christmasy! To see how I made the "home" pillow (the sewing part, not the stenciling) check out my tutorial.

I have several nativities, but only put out the Little People one this year. I love that it's not something I have to keep little hands from breaking. As we try to teach Violet about Jesus' birth this Christmas, I love how this nativity set allows her to get hand-on with the story. Her red Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn got a fun little muslin and ruffly pillow to dress it up for Christmas, but I may just leave it out all year.

Some of my favorite ornaments... On the left is one my sister crocheted for me several years ago, and on the right is my Christmas craft from last year. I took paper-mache ornaments from A.C. Moore and painted them with chalkboard paint. Last year, I wrote different Christmasy words on each one. This year, I wrote the name of a family member on each ornament.

This ornament is made from another paper-mache craft store ornament, with Violet's baby silhouette printed off the computer and mod-podged on top. I need to make one for Elsie this year!

There's not much decoration happening in the dining room. But this white bowl from Pier 1 gives a wintery feel when filled with pine cones. It will probably stay out all winter too.

The kitchen received a little decoration with a burlap JOY banner over the sink. It's hard to see in this picture because of the light coming through the window.

Pom-pom fringe on this towel almost makes drying dishes a joy. Get it? Joy? ;)

The bay window has it's usual decor, with the addition of the Let It Snow sign from Target's dollar section, as well as these sweater trees, from last year's Target Christmas decor.

The "R" wall became our Christmas stocking spot this year, since we are mantel-less.

I didn't want to have the hooks up all year, so instead of drilling holes, we loaded up the back of the wooden piece with 3M Command Strips!

Violet and Daddy are the only ones with stockings. I made my husband a Christmas stocking the first year we were dating, and I finally made one for Violet last Christmas. I have fabric for Elsie's, so hopefully I will have time to get to that project before Christmas. Unfortunately, it will involve quilting, definitely not my forte. After finishing Elsie's baby quilt this summer, I thought I was done quilting for a while, but I'm hoping to fit in this smaller project without too much stressing. Someday I'll make one for me!

I think I am too obsessive about finding the perfect Christmas fabric and that is why these stockings are taking  me way too long to make. Last year I found the coolest Christmas fabric to make Vi's stocking: the characters of the nativity as matryoshka dolls!

Last year, I bought a small white artificial tree for the girls' room. I have big plans to make it all fancy someday, but for now, it's only decoration is a couple yards of bright pink pom-pom fringe.

In place of a tree skirt, I wrapped the base in a yard of Christmas fabric from Michael Miller.

It feels decorated, yet there's room for me or the girls to make some special ornaments to add to it in the coming years. The rocker has long since been moved to our room, and the bookcase had been where the tree is now, so we just moved it to the other side of the room and put the tree here at the foot of the Farmhouse Toddler Bed my husband made for Violet last year.

Honestly, I'm just thrilled that we were able to fit their tree in the room this year since taking this room from being just Violet's nursery, to now a shared nursery and toddler room. It fits pretty well!

You can also check out our Christmas Decorations from two years ago, when I was feeling a bit more ambitious with the amount of decorations I put out. I'm enjoying our simple decor this year. It definitely fits where we are in life right now.

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!

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  1. This is beautiful and I definitely agree - less is more. I love those windows you hung on the wall. I've been wanting to do that for some time but they continue to sit in my garage...thanks for the inspiration and Merry Christmas!

  2. Totally adorable Christmas decor! Perfect for this season of your life...and perfect for this season of the year!

    Reading about your home remodel (there in your side bar) makes me think back 30+ years ago when we were making a home out of a forlorn old house. We gutted and nailed and laid floors and hung drywall and replaced windows (by "we" I mean mostly my husband ~smile~) until we had a place that we loved. You can do it...and you'll love yours too! (It looks like you've come a long ways already!)

  3. I love the simple decor! When you are chasing kiddos, putting pretty things up can be a challenge and scary ;-) I love that the girls have a tree too! I really would love to do that for my daughter.

  4. Hi Sarah, your blog is adorable. I love the pops of red throughout your home. I have decided I need a lot more red in home this year but it will have to wait until next year. The 'R' wall rocks. I am new a follower, I hope you will follow me as well. Merry Christmas!