Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shared Baby and Toddler Room, an Update: Painting the Walls and Trim

I'm so glad I shared our to-do list with you all a while ago. It has definitely helped keep me/us accountable to keep getting things done in our nursery turned shared baby and toddler room.

So far, we have painted the walls Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. I think I'm in love!

Sorry this room's looking pretty bare. We took down the curtains and all the decorations until we get everything else done and the furniture rearranged. Then we'll put things back in place.

After painting the walls, the trim got taped off with Frog Tape (so much better than the blue painter's tape!), and we painted it Valspar's (from Lowes) String of Pearls. It's a nice soft white, and we've used it for all our ceilings and any other trim that we've actually gotten around to painting.

It's hard to get a really accurate picture of the paint color, and I know every computer screen probably shows it a little differently too, but to me, Revere Pewter is a light gray with a little bit of a tan and green cast to it. Now, I'm not saying that is looks green, but compared to the paint we had in here before that had more of a pinkish-purple cast to it, this color definitely leans a little more towards green. It's still very much a neutral though, and I think it's one of those colors that could pretty much go in any room and with a lot of different color schemes.

Here's another picture against V's quilt to show how the wall color compares to the taupe/greige fabrics I had used in her baby quilt and which more closely matched the former wall color. They still "go" with the new wall color, but clearly they aren't as gray as the walls now are.

Do you love the collection of puppies and the little duck? V's nighttime stuffies that she absolutely must sleep with were kind enough to pose for me.

Here's a little before and after with the old wall color and the new. Don't judge the new color to harshly. The room is still unaccessorized at this point. We still have lots to do!

And now with Revere Pewter on the walls...

It really isn't a huge difference. In fact, my parents walked in and asked, "really? You painted in here? It looks the same!" But I think it will be a better color that, so far, is looking good at all times of day. Certainly our painting skills have improved in the last three years, so the walls just look better this time around than they did before.

Next up: painting that yellow-ish dresser. Fun times...


  1. I painted my living room and kitchen revere pewter just a couple months ago and love it :) Your house is lovely!

    1. Thank you! I think this color would look good in any room of the house! :)