Sunday, June 9, 2013

Shared Baby and Toddler Room, The Plan

I've shared a little about how we took our spare bedroom and turned it into a sweet pink and greige nursery for V when she was first born.

I've also shown how we made her diy toddler bed and then turned her nursery into a toddler room.

Now with baby girl #2 due to arrive this summer, we need to make some more changes so that this room can be a shared baby and toddler room. (We'll keep the baby in our room until she's sleeping through the night, but I'd like to get the room set up for both girls now, so that V can start getting used to the idea of having a little roomie.) I'm a little nervous about how this is all going to go down, but we're going to give it our best!

Here's our to do list:

1. Repaint walls. I love the color on the walls... most of the time. It looks a little purple-ish in the afternoons, and it was painted in a hurry before, so there are a lot of touch-ups needed. Between those two factors, we decided to just repaint all the walls, but the color will be similar to what's already there.

2. Paint the trim. Again, we were in a hurry when we got this room ready for V, so while the trim has been painted once, it really needs another coat or two.

3. Repaint the dresser. The dresser was a craigslist find and one of our very first furniture painting projects. While it was definitely an amateur job, the main reason to paint this dresser again is that we finished it with a coat of clear poly, a kind supposedly just right for using over white paint. THEY LIED!!! The dresser looked really good when we first finished it, but as time has gone by, the poly has yellowed, and while you can't see it most of my pictures, it is extremely noticeable in person.

4. Make blackout curtains for the windows. I've noticed recently with the brighter days of summer, that V is waking up too early in the mornings. We have roller blinds in her room, but I think we need to take it a step further and do blackout curtains. I'm sad because I really loved the curtains that are in there already and didn't want to budget for new ones, but since it's a matter of V (and mama) getting enough rest, better to do it now and get it over with.

5. Get crib out of storage and set up room with all the furniture needed for both girls. I'm super nervous about this part of the plan. I've measured and re-measured this room many times, and I know it can be done, but it's not gonna be easy, and it might not be as cute as it currently is either. (Cue the tears from the crazy pregnant lady.) We'll probably need to find a new home for the glider, and we think we may need to remove the closet door too, to allow for a piece of furniture to fit better in that corner of the room.

6. Hang decorations in room. Everything will come down for painting, and we'll just leave it that way until we've completed all the other items on our list. I need to make Baby E's name wall-hanging to add to the one I made for V, and if I don't run out of time, there's some other decor ideas I'd like to do too.

7. Make E's baby quilt. As I showed you earlier, I already have the fabric, but I still haven't started this project. I really need to get going! Once again, I'm being indecisive about exactly how I want to do it, so this project keeps getting postponed.

As you can see, we have a lot to accomplish, and the weeks are quickly ticking by. I'll be sure to post about our progress as we complete each step. Hopefully we'll get it all done before our new girl decides to show up!

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