Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Lately... we've been pretty busy on a variety of projects.

And what happens when you I try to work on lots of things at once?

They all take much longer than expected.

Baby E's due date is fast approaching, so we are in full quick-hurry-up-and-do-all-the-things-we-should-have-been-working-on-for-the-last-eight-plus-months mode.

The list has been narrowed down to just those things that have to happen before her arrival or I will go full-out crazy.

Is this an interesting post, or what?

Sorry... but it's 10:30 pm and I've had a two Kit-kat bar kind of day. I can not be responsible for what my chippy nails may type.

Mr. Vintage Violet painted the girls' dresser last weekend. Huzzah! (Crap, he's got me saying it. Too much Mike the Knight.) One more item checked off the list! Other than painting over some holes that were just plastered, the remaining items on the Baby and Toddler Room to do list are pretty much all in my jurisdiction.

Have I mentioned I'm almost nine months pregnant and we're having a heat wave? These two factors do not result in tons of energy, but it's happening. Slowly, but surely.

I got all the quilt blocks cut out for E's baby quilt! I splurged and actually bought the correct supplies for cutting out quilt blocks. No homemade cardboard templates this time, no sir. It's amazing how the proper tools can make a project go more quickly. I'm excited to try out this method of turning my quilt squares into triangles. I'll keep you posted on how it works.

Miss V helped by sitting beside me and cheering me on. "Yeah Mama!" "You did it! You did it!" Love her sweet little heart! I'm so blessed with sweet children. When being my personal cheerleader wore off, she busied herself by counting out pieces of fabric. "One, two, two, two, five, seven, eight, nine, ten, two, two."

Two is her favorite number. I had a very unreasonable conversation with her tonight during a reading of Hop on Pop. The story goes, "Three. Tree. Three fish in a tree." So I said, let's count the fish! V pointed to each one with her finger and counted out, "two, two, two!" Much debating and explaining from mommy and daddy ensued, but she would not be persuaded. According to her, there were two fish in that tree! I have to admit, I kind of like how she sticks to her convictions. :)

But in the midst of all this busy-ness, something really fun and sweet happened! My girlfriends surprised me with a baby sprinkle! What's a baby sprinkle? Well, it's like a baby shower, only simpler because it's for a second child and you probably already have all the big stuff. The theme of this baby sprinkle was diapers and wipes. Best. theme. ever. Here's the loot Baby E and I came home with.

She also got some sweet outfits, blocks, and a book.

And two of the cutest diaper cakes I have ever seen.

It was a fun time, and I felt thoroughly spoiled. Thanks so much girls!

Just for fun, I calculated the number of diapers and wipes we received. We got exactly 2,464 wipes, and 904 diapers (plus whatever was used in the diaper cakes, which I will have to psych myself up to taking apart at some point). Isn't that crazy?! What's even crazier is how fast we will go through all of that!

So that's what's going on here. We hope to check some more things off our to-do list this weekend so we can move onto more fun projects, like radon remediation. Can I get three cheers for paying someone a grand to dig a hole in your basement floor?! No? Yeah, that's how we feel about it too.

What projects are you working on lately?


  1. This made this pregnant lady laugh hysterically. Sending much energy (not that I have any to spare, so it's imaginary energy) to you for the coming weeks!

    1. lol Thanks! I'll even take imaginary energy at this point. :)

  2. I am doomed someday. I am sitting here without energy today and I have no excuse :) It should be cooler next week though! Yay!!

    1. I get that way even when I'm not expecting. Heat and humidity can just be unbearable! :)

  3. I make all my half-square triangles using the method you linked to...soooooo much easier than sewing two triangles together!

    1. Yeah! I'm glad to hear from a quilting pro that this method is a good one. I'm excited to try it out! :)