Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Father's Day Ideas

Since Father's Day is fast approaching, I thought I'd do a little show and tell of some of the things I've made to celebrate Father's Day in the past.

The first year that Miss V was on the way, I made my husband and my dad t-shirts using this freezer paper stenciling method.

They both seemed happy with the results. My hubby wears his all. the. time. so it has gotten pretty faded, but I love this technique for creating inexpensive (sometimes last minute) custom t-shirts.

The next year, I didn't make any gifts, but used some scrapbooking paper to dress up a plain gift bag and a bottle of hot sauce (my dad likes all things spicy) for some festive Father's Day fun.

Last year I had fun copying this idea to do a root beer sampler for some Father's Day gifts. I didn't get fancy with the packaging, but they're guys. They don't care about that.

I went to a large grocery store that tends to have a good selection of specialty items (Wegmans) and bought several packs of different root beer flavors. Don't check in just the soda aisle, check the natural foods section too. I found some really good ones there.

My husband and my dad each got a dozen bottles of different root beers, and the rest of us got to enjoy the extras. This was such a big hit, my husband actually asked me the other day if I could do the same thing for him again this year.

Since my husband has a major sweet tooth, I also got fancy with our dessert and made this recipe for S'mores Cake.

This turned out to be a massive, heavy, crazy-rich, but oh-so-good cake. I usually make a box-mix cake and call it a day, so my husband was super excited.

This cake was a lot of work. I cheated a little and used a box-mix for the brownie layer, but the cheese cake and cookie layers were homemade, as was the icing. I made one layer a day and froze it until I was ready to assemble the cake the night before.

This is definitely one of those desserts that gets better sitting for a little while. We refrigerated the leftovers and picked at them for a few days before finally putting the remaining 2/3's of the cake in the freezer for another occasion. Even with company over to help us eat it, we could barely make a dent in it. I swear, the finished cake had to have weighed 15 pounds.

It makes soooo much! And because it's so rich, you can't eat a normal sized slice. I cut myself a paper-thin slice a few days in a row as a nap-time treat, and could barely finish it. But it was a big hit with my husband and he still talks about this cake from time to time.

I need to find another over-the-top dessert recipe for Father's Day this year. Any suggestions?

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  1. Looks soooooo good!
    Odd question...the white high chair in the background - from where? I keep seeing those.

    1. It's from IKEA. In my opinion, it's the best highchair ever. Only $25, no plastic cushions for food to get stuck in crevices... it's just all smooth wipe-able plastic. I highly recommend it! Oh, and they can stack too, so if for any reason you need multiple highchairs on standby (like at a grandparents' house), they don't take up a ton of floor space.

    2. Thank you! I thought it might be ikea! Love it! And yes, I despised the cushions in the past : )