Sunday, June 2, 2013

Family Monogram Wall

I have this small section of wall in my living room and for quite a while I had no idea how to decorate it.

After finding plenty of inspiration on Pinterest for various family monogram projects, I decided to create an entire wall of our family initial.

Some of the factors that complicated my design options were the archways into the kitchen and dining room on either side of this small wall. It's just not a lot of space to work with. There's a large vent in the floor and you have to walk right in front of this wall to get into the main seating area of our living room, so a piece of furniture such as a cabinet (which would have been great for some extra storage) was out of the question. This collection of our family letter fills in the space with something fun and a little unexpected, without blocking the flow of traffic between the rooms.

Beneath the family monogram wall are two small stools. The shorter one is a hand-me-down from my grandma, and in desperate need of painting, but I can never decide what color it should be, hence it's present state. The taller stool is a three-legged saddle stool that my inlaws brought back from a missions trip to Hondoras. It's not very comfortable to sit on and it squeaks as much as a saddle that needs oiled, but every little boy who ever comes to my house looooves it, and I think it looks cool, so it gets to reside permanently in the living room. I'd originally thought about getting a small piano bench or something to put here instead, but these stools are handy, and since they're not bulky, don't take up a lot of space or look too big for that area, so I think they're actually working out pretty well for us.

This family initial wall has really evolved over time. I didn't just go out and buy every letter R that I could find. I waited until I had four that I really liked, and hung those in the center of the wall, and then the rest of the arrangement has just kind of grown out around them.

As an arrangement, it's actually not very well centered on the wall, but I'm not worried. It will continue to grow and fill in the rest of the wall over time. It has actually looked pretty unbalanced at times as I would fine another piece to add to the wall and would kind of put it in a random spot. But even then, I still love it. It represents our family.

The book page monogram was a craft I led for our church's MOPS group, inspired by this project. The background is a linen-like fabric wrapped around the cardboard that came with the frame and secured in the back with packing tape. Then I used hot glue to attach a letter cut out of an old book page and a metal label tag from the scrap-booking section of Joann's. The date in the metal tag is our anniversary.

This teal blue guy with the fake "distressing" was from Hobby Lobby. The small black letter R to his left was pried off a decorative sign I wasn't using anymore. I used two sewing pins to hang it up. Sewing pins are great to use to hang up things that are very light-weight. So long as you're just hammering into drywall, you can usually nail them in with just a shoe, and they make a very small hole if you decide to pull them out again later.

The gold metallic thread on this letter was a fun project I plan to blog about soon. I used an embroidery hoop to frame the fabric.

The metal letter is a splurge from Anthropologie. I love how art deco it looks. I think that's the right term. Whatever, I love it. The little red R is a gift from a friend, but I think she got it as a Christmas ornament from West Elm.

This large wooden R was actually made by my mom! She's an assistant teacher in a shop class (that's what happens when schools cut staff and shuffle teachers around, but she's actually really enjoying it). I had seen similar ones on etsy but they were a bit pricey, so my mom printed off a large letter R in a Word document, traced it onto a piece of wood, cut it out and sanded it smooth. Then my husband stained and pollied it, and it turned out so great!

My husband got me this dark blue vintage R as a Christmas present. That's another nice thing about starting my family monogram wall. Suddenly I collect something that people can buy or make for me! I've never been a collecting sort of person, but it's been fun to get some family initials as gifts. Since this wall is kind of eclectic looking anyway, there's really not an R out there I don't think I'd be able to use.

The small R in this frame was also a Christmas present. It looks like it came off of some sort of sign, like the attendance signs you might sometimes see in a church. At least that's what it reminded me of. I was just going to hang it as is, but my hubby suggested I find a frame for it. I must talk about decorating and crafts too much around him. He's starting to think like me. :) This little frame from Target even had a burlap-ish mat. Love it!

So, that's a run-down of what's on our family monogram wall so far. I'm sure it will continue to grow and change, and get rearranged. That's half the fun!

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  1. Love everything about this!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! My parents just celebrated 30 years on 6/4 too...what a wonderful day to get married! :) I absolutely love monograms, so this wall is a little piece of heaven to me. I love how you are constantly growing it and adding pieces. I popped over from Inspire Me Please--thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

  3. I was just thinking of doing this in our house yesterday! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I love any kind of typography art and this is so fun. I haven't thought of using just one letter and it looks fabulous! I have that same blue letter from Hobby Lobby and LOVE it.If you have a sec this weekend, I have a linky party going on and would love for you to share!
    Kim @ Too Much Time On My Hands

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    Dandelion Wishes Wednesday. I'm also pinning this :)