Friday, May 31, 2013

Pink and Greige Nursery, Phase Two: Toddler Time!

Earlier this week, I showed you V's nursery as it looked when she was first born. Today I want to show you how it's looked for the last year or so as a perfect little room for a toddler!

Let me quickly refresh your memory.

Here's the baby girl nursery version...

And here's our big girl's toddler room!

Not a whole lot has changed since V's babyhood. The main differences are that we swapped out the pink jenny lind crib with our diy'd toddler farmhouse bed.

We also replaced the white end table that had been next to the crib with a bookcase to store V's growing collection of storybooks. Besides providing extra storage, the bookcase is also a lot sturdier than the little end table was. Once V learned to crawl and pull up on things, I was forever worried she'd find a moment alone to knock that end table over on herself, so while it was cute, it was a good decision to replace it with the bookcase.

Over the bookcase is a shelf, which clearly I have put no effort into styling. It's current theme is: Things-I-Want-To-Display-In-The-Nursery-But-Don't-Want-Baby-Girl-To-Touch. Nothing like a good sentimental theme to unify a display and create a unique look. I kid...

From this angle, you can see the door to the hallway, as well as V's dresser and changing area.

I used embroidery hoops and scrap fabric from her baby quilt to put her name above the dresser. I plan on making E's name in the same way, so I promise there will be a tutorial sometime soon.

Speaking of V's baby quilt, I promised when I shared the fabric for E's quilt, that I'd take a picture of the one I made for V.

Next to the closet, we put up a row of hooks down low where V can reach, which has proved useful.

Above the hooks is this absolutely adorable art print from Sarah Jane Studios. I love it. With the lamb and the dark haired little girl, it was just the perfect piece of art for V's room. I'm trying to find something similar with a little girl and a bunny to bring E's bunny theme into the room.

Once again, here's what this room looked like when we bought our house. (gross)

Here's what it looked like when V was a baby.

And here's what it looks like right now!

Now, we have to make some changes to make this room work for a two and a half year old and a new baby. I'll be blogging our to do list next week and will keep you updated on all the changes we make.

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  1. I love both versions! It's such a calm retreat for baby to sleep as well as mom to rock & snuggle. Can't wait to see the next transition!