Friday, May 3, 2013

Chalkboard Vinyl on the Pantry Door

Here's a simple project I completed recently in my kitchen. This was soooo easy!

I used chalkboard vinyl inside my pantry cupboard door to create a handy place to jot down those items we've run out of.

When it's time to head to the store, either copy your list to a piece of paper, or take a picture of your chalkboard list with your phone, and wah-lah! You're ready to go!

The chalkboard vinyl was super easy to use. The inside of my cupboard door is a sunken panel, meaning that there's the affect of a piece of trim going all the way around the area I covered in the chalkboard vinyl. You can't really tell in these pictures, but that little detail made it easy for me to know how big to cut my piece of chalkboard vinyl, and the grid on the paper backing of the vinyl helped me keep my lines at least semi-straight.

The vinyl took a lot of time to smooth out, but I eventually got rid all the little air bubbles, and it is really easy to write on. I considered painting the inside of the cabinet door with chalkboard paint, but these cabinets are brand new, and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. What if I hated it next week? The chalkboard vinyl allows me to easily peel it off my cupboard door whenever I'm ready for a change, or if we move and the next people don't care for it.

Chalkboards make for such a fun and simple decor idea in the home. I'm hoping to paint a whole (small) wall with chalkboard paint this weekend. Fingers crossed that it turns out exactly as my pinterest-clogged brain is dreaming! :)

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