Monday, April 29, 2013

Shaun the Sheep Birthday Party

This year, for V's second birthday, I decided to do a Shaun the Sheep birthday party theme. V loves the show. She would watch it all day if I let her.

Of course, just like last year's Raggedy Ann party, Shaun the Sheep birthday party supplies are not easy to find. But this year, I actually found a great little online party supply shop that had Shaun the Sheep party supplies from Peas and Thank Yous, and bonus- they're pink! I purchased the invitations, birthday banner, and cupcake toppers, though now I only see the invitations available in their shop, but maybe you could message the shop owner and ask about the other supplies. She was very sweet to work with. So amazingly enough, we were able to have a Shaun the Sheep girl birthday party, and I didn't have to make a ton of things from scratch.

Which was good, because a few days before the party, I got sick.

Like, coughing so hard you never sleep, and can't pull yourself off the couch all day sick.

I was so thankful I hadn't planned a big party with lots of homemade details and tons of guests this year. Even with a fever and a barking cough, I was still able to pull off this party with (almost) all the details I had planned, thanks to some help from my husband and other family members.

We kept it simple this year. Just family, which for our little home, still made for a house-full. My in-laws came in from out of state to celebrate with V this year, so I felt like with their visit, she had more than the usual crowd of relatives at her party to make it special.

The meal itself was simple things I knew the birthday girl would eat. Ham loaf (a Pennsylvania specialty) premade from a local shop, homemade macaroni and cheese, and broccoli casserole.

For dessert, I skipped the work of decorating an entire cake, and instead made cupcakes with some nice bright pink liners. Canned frosting and mini-marshmallows made for a sheep-like look on the cupcakes, and cupcake toppers from Peas and Thank Yous brought the Shaun the Sheep party theme all together.

My mom found a tutorial on the Shaun the Sheep website for making some of the sheep characters from yarn pompoms, so she made a few as table decor for the party. Grazing on some leftover Easter grass, they were so cute!

V enjoyed playing with them too. :)  Would you believe that months later, they are still going strong!

Some more party pics...

Eating the marshmallows and icing off her cupcake and leaving the cake part. You can be as crazy as you want when you're two! :)

This is the best picture you'll see of me from the party. Agh! Soooo sick!

This Shaun the Sheep birthday party banner was sooo cute! I like to craft, but I know myself, and I would have never taken the time to make anything this detailed, so it was definitely worth the splurge to buy it ready-made.

All the party supplies I got from Peas and Thank Yous were so perfectly made. I'm not usually one to buy anything if I think there's even a chance I could make something similar myself, but I'm so glad I went ahead and purchased the party supplies there. With being sick, it definitely made the whole day a lot less stressful, plus everything turned out so perfect and I didn't even have to stay up late the night before getting things ready! (Please tell me I'm not the only one who always does that.)

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