Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Christmas

Christmas was a lot of fun around here this year. Miss V is a year old, so she was really getting in to it. We woke up around 9:30 Christmas morning and remarked to each other that that was the latest we'll probably get to sleep in on Christmas day for the next fifteen years. :)

New pink baby sock monkey. Just the right size to carry around and cuddle.

Alphabet magnets I made using this tutorial. She likes to take them off the fridge and throw them on the floor. We're still working on how to put them back on the fridge.

The classic Hop on Pop as a board book. I think I've read this at least six times every day since Christmas. Baby girl loves the repetition and rhyming.

Helping daddy unwrap a present.

We got her the coolest set of real-looking toy keys from Target. She loves them but of course, like everything else, they had to be used as a phone too. :)

Even Mama got some presents!

Partway through the unwrapping, we took a break for some Cinnamon French Toast Casserole I had put together the night before, and then baked Christmas morning. It was really good!

Don't know what that face is about, but I love it!


Little ceramic vase from my husband that looks like (and honestly, feels like) a sweater. It's so petite and delicate!

This may be the favorite present of the day. A pretend cell phone. Looks like she's texting. :)

Most of the time when she "talks" on her phone, it's facing the wrong way!

Milk glass cookie plate from my mom! Welcome to the collection little lover.

I remember my first little play purse. It didn't sing like Miss V's, but she loves it!

Aunt K got some pillows I made using Jane Austen's silhouette to go in her apartment. I really love how they turned out, and I think they will be well loved in their new home.

V got "stuck" between Pop-pop's ankles. Love her expression!

Grammy got a new casserole carrier I made using this tutorial and inspired by the adjustments made by this blogger.

I think she was pretty excited!

Placing a shirt-sized gift box in the center worked well to help it retain it's shape in the gift-giving, and I filled the box with pictures of Miss V, so Grammy was very happy.

Last year I gave my dad a photo mug from Snapfish with a photo of V on the front, and he has since declared that he wants one very year and specifically requested that this year's photo be of her in her snazzy zebra-print sunglasses. When we had professional pictures taken last month, our photographer was sweet enough to snap a few pics of V in her shades, and the mug turned out super cute. Pop-pop was pleased!

Most of the crew!

My aunt got us cabinet hardware for Christmas (don't you love when people actually ask you what you need for Christmas! And then don't laugh when you take them to Hope Depot to shop for your gift!). V had fun unpacking them from the box. It was so funny to hear them clinking on the floor as she whipped right through that box! Meanwhile, Daddy slaved away on constructing a plastic doll stroller. Lesson learned for next year: assemble everything ahead of time, and then wrap it! We did that with her kitchen, but not with anything else, and it was a pain. Next year I'll take everything out of the packaging early, that way she can enjoy playing right away.

Remember my month by month photo display from V's party? Well, I left them up for a long time after the party, because I loved it so much, but when the Christmas cards started coming in, I took down the pictures and used the clothespins to attach cards instead. And here's a better shot of Aunt K's new pillows!


This was earlier in the day, opening her new Cupcake Kitchen (which I scored for a great price, thanks to a sale and coupon).

What have we here?

Maybe if I tear this paper into little pieces, I can figure out what's in this present...

Too cute! Hope you had a wonderful celebration with loved ones!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Decorations

It's been a lot of fun getting ready for Christmas this year! I thought I'd post a few pictures and let you see what I've been up to with our holiday decor.

On our dining room table is a vintage milk glass pitcher my mom found at a yard sale and gave me for my birthday (happy dance!). I filled it with some fake evergreen branches that I picked up on clearance years ago at Michael's. The table cloth is a fabric dropcloth from Home Depot. I love how it looks like linen, but it is much heavier. The doily was a wedding gift, crocheted by one of my husband's aunts. Love it!

The decorations on the buffet our kind of a hodge podge of things I love. :)  The ceramic tree was my grandmother's, so even though it's more kitchy than the neutrals I usually love, it is a decoration that definitely has to make an appearance at Christmas. The Nester said white poinsettias were cool, and since I trust her completely, I picked up this little beauty at Home Depot, and wrapped it with a piece of burlap. I think it's so cute! The chalkboard was an early Christmas present for Violet from her aunt and uncle, but since she's too little to write, I am using it this year. I filled another milk glass vase with more of the fake branches. I really like how the white milk glass brightens up the dark green branches, and I think adding some white to things helps keep the Christmas decorations from feeling too dark.

On the kitchen counter is our little hot chocolate station. We love this peppermint hot cocoa mix that I started making a few years ago. It is so good, so I have to refill this jar every few weeks. Since Miss V is a little too busy for me to put my antique balls on the tree this year, I put them in this glass apothecary jar with a string of white lights. They look so lovely and sparkly in the evening.

I saw this idea for little pine cone trees on Pinterest. Here's my version sitting in my kitchen window. I think they're more wintry than Christmas-y, so they will probably stay up for quite a while.

And here's our Chirstmas tree this year! I changed things up a little from how I've decorated it in the past. Usually I use several strings of red wooden beads as a garland, but this year they didn't seem quite right to me, so I took some burlap I had used as a table cloth at a party a few years ago, and cut it into strips.

Our tree "skirt" is really a wooden crate I found on the side of the road this summer. I love how it covers up our artificial tree's skinny trunk.

Is everyone else done with their decorations? Anybody have presents wrapped and under the tree? I was hoping to work on that today, but I think Miss V may be coming down with something, so she has been requiring a lot of attention. I enjoy the extra cuddle time with her, but so far today I have gotten almost nothing accomplished. :) Time to get back to work!

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